Dirty Power met on stage in London, for their first gig and have been making music ever since. The internet made it possible to write and record without being in the same room, so the stage was where Dirty Power was born. Since then, there have been international tours, with recordings only starting to emerge now.

The sound is of a hard-rocking trio, drawing on influences like (early) Foo Fighters, Audioslave and various punk & metal bands. Think Rage Against The Machine riffs, with Foo Fighters melodies and occasionally technical, but often graceful solos thrown in.

Dirty Power is all about the point where foolishness and a sense of purpose collide. “Find a boundary and start pushing.” That’s what drives the independent, D.I.Y./punk ethos of the band in everything from the writing and recording process, to the approach to touring and performing.

Tours, videos and recordings are happening. The best and simplest way to have everything delivered to you is to join the mailing list, because we do everything independently. And who can be arsed to constantly check for videos, tours and release dates? Otherwise keep an eye on the Facebook page. You can also contact us by clicking here.

dirty power playing live 2
brendan from dirty power
dirty power playing live